The Prophet’s Corner

Hear now My word. If there is a prophet among you, I the Lord will make Myself known to him in a vision,  and I will speak to him in a dream., (Numbers 12:6 )

Welcome to the Prophet’s Corner – I’m your host Prophetess Dr. A. My hope is to give you a prophetic perspective and insight into the heart of the Father.  Saints, there are “times and seasons” when God begins to fulfill His purposes for the world – but HIS TIMING is not the same as ours. The Church must learn to discern the times we are living in. To do so, we need divine insight into heaven’s purposes for our generation.

The prophet’s corner is not to mesmerize you with a catchy word. A prophet edifies, builds up, but also uproots and tears down old patterns of thinking so that you will be equipped for every good work. God still wants the revelation of His will to be voiced/expressed in the earth. The Word of God is so rich in truth we can’t live without it.  We need to know what God is saying so we can co-labor with Him to fulfill His purposes in the days ahead!

This is a time when God’s purposes are accelerating on the earth. This acceleration isn’t just for me. It’s for YOU too!  God wants to communicate with His people. In order to understand, let’s define some foundational terms:

Prophecy is not emotionalism nor something done in only charismatic or Pentecostal circles.  Actually, I grew up Baptist. Prophecy is simply revealing God’s truth. God communicating His thoughts and intent to humanity.

A prophet or prophetess is a spokesperson for God.  One who hears the voice of the Holy Spirit and speaks or pens God’s mind or counsel through a divinely anointed manner.

Prophets are special to the heart of God. They not only prepare the way for the Lord’s return; they make ready a people for the Lord.  His Bride!  Prophets when ministering in their gifted office and prophetic anointing have authority for reprove, correct, direct and instruct in the Rhema or spoken word of the Lord.

The prophetic word set my life on the course the Lord ordained for me, and awakened a passion in me to seek the Lord wholeheartedly. There is nothing like hearing a present word from the Lord. Times, seasons and epochs are a part of God’s divine plan. An epoch signifies a fixed point of time. Merriam-Webster’s defines Epoch as is an extended period of time usually characterized by a distinctive development or by a memorable series of events. 

Now is the time. Let God ARISE!



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