Waging War!



Paul’s words to Timothy in 1 Tim. 1:18 are a call to arms for us today. Prophetic words are not meant to be shared online for a season and then put on the shelf or discarded, as we await the “fresh and new” word of the Lord. With the receipt of a prophetic word comes a responsibility. Heaven has extended an invitation through the gift of a prophetic word. That word needs to be partnered with and warred from until you receive the full manifestation of what God has promised. 

We partner with prophetic words by agreeing with them. We say “yes” with our lives. If the Lord is legitimately speaking to us, we ask the Holy Spirit to show us how to reorder and realign our lives to agree with what that word is announcing.

We war with prophetic words by enforcing them in the midst of conflict and contradiction. When the enemy is opposing us, trying to push us away from what prophetic words promise, we need to stand with greater resolve and intensity. If a word came from the Lord, and the Lord is not changing His mind about what He said, neither should we.

In spite of the contradictions we face, situations and circumstances that seem absolutely contrary to the realities a prophetic word announces, we stand unwaveringly on what God said. We don’t ignore reality. We don’t pretend away problems. Yet, we agree with a higher truth. Heaven sovereignly gave us a gift through a prophetic word and we are remaining in agreement with what the Spirit of God has said.


Dr. Francine

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