Time to Discern and Position Pt. 4


I have written several posts regarding the necessity for believers to develop and use their discernment in this new era of the church. The Bible says we are to test prophetic words.

While not every prophetic word will correspond to a passage in scripture we must ask ourselves does this word reflect the essence and purity of the Word of God. I have been seeing more prophetic words that impart the heart of God for His church. Advising us of how to move forward in faith during this new season.

The Lord said that when we see these many of the things we’re witnessing today we must 1) stand up, 2) look up, and 3) rejoice because our redemption is near. The Passion Translation (TPT) expresses Luke 21:28 this way:

And at last, when you see how the Son of Man comes—surrounded with a cloud, with great power and miracles, in the radiance of his splendor, and with great glory and praises—it will make you jump for joy! For the day of your full transformation has arrived.”

As we discern the signs of the times from God’s perspective we can rejoice knowing that our Father’s plan of redemption draws near. We must never lose our resolve to stand for the truth (what we believe) as presented to us in the Word of God, without compromise or surrendering an inch before the enemies of the cross.

The time is right for the church to rise up in faith, speaking the truth in love!





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