Living Purposefully: Embracing The Calling As A Deborah

B7B4059A-BAAA-4182-93EB-5E8AD01DF042Deborah was an ordinary woman called by God to make a difference during a critical time in Israel’s history. She received divine revelation and insight that enabled her to effectively govern her nation.

Deborah was a prophetess, judge, counselor, warrior and wife. She was one of the seven women prophetesses whose prophecies are recorded in the Bible. She was chosen to be a leader at an unlikely time in her day.

She is an example to godly women today who desire to hear God’s voice and impact their world for the Kingdom of God.

I rarely share about my calling to the Body of Christ, but these are uncertain times. God has been strategically positioning His people in preparation for things to come. The Apostle Paul said that God made him an “able minister” in 1 Timothy 1:12. Paul is saying the reason the Lord enabled him and put him in the ministry was because he counted him faithful.

The Lord has always directed my to the people and resources that would aid in equipping me to fulfill His purposes. I came to the realization that my calling was similar to Deborah while reading The Deborah Company by Jane Harmon.

As I read this book I thought to myself “no way” God was calling me to walk this path.  None of this made sense to my natural mind.

Yet as I continued to pursue Him things became clearer over time. The Holy Spirit began to direct me to other women with similar gifts and calling.

In The Deborah Company author Jane Harmon said, “Because I was having a difficult time grasping what God was saying to me, I asked Him if He could show me an example of somebody who was doing what I would be doing so that I would have a living example with which to relate.” So when the time came for me to step out in faith I asked the Lord to show me someone who was doing something similar to what He was calling me to do. This began a process of intense preparation in 2004. 

In 2016, He directed me to Patricia King Ministries and Women In Ministry Network (WIMN). Little did I know that shortly thereafter I would be ordained through the network. The funny thing was that the prophetic presbytery spoke something that confirmed the calling. During a time of ministry I was asked if I had like a “justice calling.” I just smiled.

Responding to the call to join the fray of the cultural battle to make a difference opens a new realm of faith  It reveals a depth of compassion and commitment required to bring God’s desires to fruition to infiltrate the culture with God’s values and principles that present a higher, nobler existence for humankind.

Recently I read The Deborah Anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters. Again, I was encouraged to read that when embracing your calling “you will begin to take on a similar divine urgency and sense of responsibility for things greater than yourself.” “The passion and righteous indignation of the Lord is arising in the hearts of women to take up the sword of the Spirit to touch heaven through prayer and intercession to bring reformation to the earth.”

I am thankful for the many wonderful women the Lord has and is using to help and encourage me on this journey. My hope is to fulfill this aspect of my journey, encourage other women that God has so much more for them, and make an impact for His Kingdom.




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