The Coming Spiritual Awakening


A great spiritual awakening is coming to America.

-Sid Roth

America has lost its spiritual moorings. There is an urgent call to return to righteousness marked by God’s continual divine presence.

We must wake ourselves up! Or somebody else will take our place, and bear our cross and thereby rob us of our crown.

-William Booth

I was speaking with another Christian leader about the current things we see happening in the world.  As believers, I sense that our focus should not be on what is happening, but instead, what God is doing and what we should be doing as Kingdom citizens.

Everything that makes a nation and a people is wrapped up in their culture.            -Myles Monroe

Living in today’s contemporary culture can be challenging. The United States of America is one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world. A primarily western culture, America is also influenced by multicultural ethos including African, Native American, Asian, Latin American and other cultures.

At the time of this post America is facing many political and social issues. Some of America’s greatest challenges right now involve political divisions, impeachment inquiry. political fallout after removal of US troops from Syria, immigration reform, racism, white nationalism, abortion, the opioid crisis, LBGT worker rights, gun violence, poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, worries of economic uncertainty, trade wars, confrontations with other nations, and more.

Nations need government to effectively administrate laws to bring order in the midst of chaos.

Without law you can’t run a country because  the absence of laws leads to chaos, and you can’t run a country or maintain a stable government on chaos.

-Myles Monroe

In a democratic society, the “rule of law” is the bedrock of order and social justice. In the case of a democratic republic, the constitution documents the hopes, desires, aspirations of the people for themselves. The constitution contains a codified form of laws, ideals, and values of the people.

Law is produced to protect the constitution and to secure the rights of the citizens to what the constitution promises and guarantees its citizens. Everyone must obey the law to ensure peace, order, and security for it’s citizens.

A nation also has a moral code consisting of written and unwritten standards that embodies the moral standards under which the people have agreed to live and by which they have chosen to govern themselves. Virtually every nation and government’s moral standards include: respecting other people’s property; do not bear false witness in court; do not steal; do not murder; and, do not commit adultery.

There are several social issues that have been garnering a lot of attention in the news. Several states pasted stricter abortion laws that created a stir. Immigration reform and building the wall is an ongoing concern. The May 2019, the House of Representatives recently past the The Equality Act (H. R. 5). This legislation is intended to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and include sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected characteristics. The bill redefines sex to include gender identity. Many are concerned that the amendment undermines religious freedom, gives males who identify as females the right to women’s spaces, and sets a dangerous political and spiritual precedent for the medicalization of gender-confused youth. As of date, there is a case pending in the Supreme Court on LGBT worker protections.

A spiritual awakening and reformation is on the horizon in light of all of what is taking place in this nation and around the world. As Kingdom citizens, we should be following the commands of the Lord to pray for our nation’s leaders.



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